Question: What do you do when it’s Friday afternoon, sunny and 80 degrees, and there’s a car show in town?

Answer: Play hooky, of course!


The Good Guys show cruised through Nashville, TN – home to Red Kap – last weekend and we couldn’t help but call it quits early to check it out. With over 1700 of the coolest and wildest pre-1972 hot rods and street machines of all makes and models, the show didn’t disappoint.


After a quick walk through the main show area, we stopped by Greening Automotive to see their Ridler-award winning ’55 T-Bird up close. Having made our first visit to their shop when it was on the rotisserie, it was a pleasure to see the final product in all her glory.

Next we stopped to see our friend Tim Strange, host of Powerblock® TV’s Search & Restore. He’d brought along the show’s most recent build – this ’55 Chevy Handyman. With a red and white paint job, we think it would make an excellent “Kap-mobile.” Now if only we can convince the boss…

With the “hard work” done, we had time to catch some participants putting their rides to the ultimate performance test in the AutoCross.

Why can’t every work week end like this?